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Should The Premier League Season Be Cancelled?

As soon as the corona-virus hit Europe almost every part of our lives as we know came grinding to a halt one of the first things to go was live sporting events, most notably the English Premier League. Since the league was postponed the question on every sports fans lips have been the same, will the league be null and voided or will it end as it is. It has been a topic of great debate across the footballing world with opinions and suggestions varying greatly. Assuming that the season will not continue , as there would not be enough time to play out the remaining fixtures, is it really fair to award a team whom has not played all 38 games the title? As near impossible as a comeback seems this season the teams behind Liverpool could argue that there is no way of knowing what would or could have happened in the remaining games.

Another topic of controversy is that it would not be fair to relegate 3 teams who could have saved themselves, the financial benefits of staying in the league could be a determining factor in whether a club lives or dies. They would suffer greatly should they see themselves relegated. In the championship there are teams like West Brom and Leeds United who have pretty much sealed their promotion and it would again be unjust to just tell them no this season doesn’t count.

This should be decided on harming the fewest clubs as possible. If the season is cancelled now, next season everyone will be back in the place they were happy in at the beginning of the season a position which they earned by playing the correct amount of games. But if the season finishes as it stands, everyone has worked towards the position they are currently in and have all played the same games so it would again make sense. The argument in truth has no correct answer, and certainly no easy one hence why it is such a massive debate as of right now. Regardless I believe that the right decision will eventually be made. What do you think? At the bottom of this post I have attached a poll inwhich you could give your input on whether you believe the league should be forgotten and null and voided or whether the current standings should be treated as the final standings.



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