Should social media influencers have a licence to promote brands or businesses?


UAE’s paid social media influencers need licence to promote brands in a bid to ensure advertising standards are upheld.

The United Arab Emirates has enforced a new law requiring social media influencers who make money promoting brands or businesses to secure a media licence.

The new e-media licence is similar to those required by a magazine or other media outlets. It costs 30,000dh. This is equivalent to €7,226.

As well as that, aspiring influencers must meet a number of conditions before submitting their application, including appropriate academic qualifications.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Do you think this is a step in the direction of professionalising and regulating the industry? Or is it a step to far, preventing people and small businesses from using social media to compliment their brand or service?

Social media platforms are increasingly becoming lucrative workspaces for people at an increasing rate. Those people are commonly known in Ireland as ‘influencers’. Along with the rise of influencers, is a 325% increase in influencer marketing. This is a term used to describe brands collaborating with popular social media personalities in order to market their product or service.

Since the advent of this relatively new marketing method, there is an increasing number of complaints received by the Advertising Standards Authority in Ireland in relation to social media and influencers who are paid to promote products. As a result of its unprecedented growth, lack of regulation in the area remains a burden.

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