Should Countries Legalize the Recreational Consumption of Cannabis?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Marijuana legalization has been a subject that has pervaded society for some years. Some countries like Netherlands, Canada, and the United States (even if only in some States), have already prompted to legalize the purchase and consumption, but many others refuse and even abhor the use of any type of drug.

According to supporters of the cause, the legalization of cannabis in addition to facilitating control by the Government since they would take power from the hands of traffickers, helps in the movement of the economy, as it generates employment in a legal way and taxes would be charged in the purchase and sale.

In 2019 in Colorado, the first US state to enact marijuana released for medical and recreational use reached a total of $ 302.4 million in fees derived from the sale of marijuana. The accumulation of these rates since 2014 – the year in which the release occurred – until now, is $ 1.3 billion. As if that were not enough, also in 2014 in Denver, the capital of Colorado saw a 10% decrease in crime in the year that marijuana was legalized and a 52.9% decrease in the number of murders.

Obviously, just like most subjects that generate some kind of controversy thousands of people are against it. In the case of marijuana, this occurs because many in an almost intrinsic way associate the grass with marginalization and trafficking. One could obtain it all online even the wholesale CBD flower from Organic CBD Nugs is available.

However, currently, other substances such as alcohol and cigarettes are released for consumption, these according to research, can cause much more physical and mental problems than the use of cannabis itself.

In the video below it is possible to follow a very interesting interview on the topic. We had a relaxed chat with two users of the plant and we understood about dependence, conscious consumption, and much more.

Specialists think that in years most of the countries will not have much choice, despite their regard.

Do you think marijuana should be legalized? Why? Why not? 

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