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Seven Deadly Sins- (Review)

GamerBraves image by jamey96. Image showing the seven deadly sins with their talking pig

Pinterest image by Ysabella. showing demons and the king of the Giant clan

The seven deadly sins is a Japanese manga created and illustrated by  Nakaba Suzuki, which stared airing October 2012. The Japanese anime is about 7 band of knights which were disbanded 10 years ago, who swore protect the kingdom of Liones against any evil that lurks around.

The members of the sins all have different abilities, also their power level differs from one another. Meliodas who is their leader (bearer of the Dragon Sin of Wrath ) has been living for the past 3000 years and doesn’t age. The reason for this was later revealed in the series.

Pinterest image by Abby Yost. Showing all the deadly sins.

The second deadly sin is a girl called Diane (barer of the Serpent’s Sin of Envy), who is from the Giant clan and has magnificent strength and courage. The 3rd deadly sin is called Ban (the bearer of Fox’s Sin of Greed) who got immortal life after drinking from the fountain of youth from the fairy tree.

The fourth sin is King, (barer of the Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth) who is the fairy king and loves Diane. King in the series, is on a journey of growth and self-improvement whose wings started to grow after a long period of time. The fifth sin is the barer of Goat’s Sin of Lust called Gowther. Gowther is a doll, who was created 3,000 years ago. The reason for his creation was revealed in later series.

Merlin (the barer of Boar’s Sin of Gluttony) is the sixth sin who was with King Arthur in Camelot before she had to leave to join the seven deadly sins and fight beside them.  The seventh sin is Escanor, he is the bearer of Lion’s Sin of Pride. He is most powerful among the 7 sins when the sun is at its peak (at noon). He can destroy any enemy by day and when it is very sunny but becomes very useless at night because the night renders him powerless.

GamerBraves image by jamey96. Image showing the seven deadly sins with their talking pig


  1. Meliodas: Full Counter
  2. King: Disaster
  3. Diane: Creation
  4. Merlin: Infinity
  5. Ban: Snatch
  6. Gowther: Invasion
  7. Escanor: Sunshine


The series is a mystic/ action movie that has the combination of demon’s, angels, fairies, celestials, etc. The series is not only an action movie it also illuminated love as some of its characters are in love. The most shocking and captivating love story in the series is that between Meliodas and Elizabeth the princess of Liones.

Their love story has seen the test of time as Elizabeth has been reincarnated 106 times and has always died in the arms of her lover Meliodas. This is due to the fact that both of them have been cursed by the demon King and the goddess to live a miserable life as they both betrayed their clan.

The show also has games created from the characters. The manga can be read online by book lovers and also available on Netflix.

Here is the link to the official page of the seven deadly sins


here is the fan page to Meliodas the leader of the group


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