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Self-healing meditation in a few steps

Awerness by Rafa Machado // Flickr

“If we have unhealthy minds, we have an unhealthy world” Águeda Burgos

Daily Meditation by Cristian Bortes // Flickr
Daily Meditation by Cristian Bortes // Flickr

There are different types of fields in charge of treating the mind; the most important ones are the medical fields or the alternative ones. Our bodies are self-healing machines of every illness we have and we are responsible for taking care of that machine so it can work properly. We just have to listen to it, and according to Dr Lissa Rankin “The body’s natural self-repair mechanisms only fully function when the nervous system is in relaxation response”.

Our society cares more about how other people look or think that in our own mental health and that is why there is so much sickness in the world. Our mind has the power to improve this and to self-heal through practice.

John Milton said that ¨the mind is its own place; it can make a heaven out of hell, or a hell out of heaven¨

We try to pass the blame to something else or someone else but “if we have unhealthy minds, we have an unhealthy world” and the key is to solve the problems from the root, explained Águeda Burgos, an Alternative Healing Therapist in an interview to The Circular.

Águeda deepened in the topic by expressing the importance of mindfulness and being present in the world at this exact moment. Noticing everything you see, hear and feel sets you in a state of awareness and calms the mind, dealing with over-thinking. By practising awareness you stop being in “automatic pilot”.

Yes, it will take time but self-healing by practising the mind is important. There are several types of practices; choose the one that suits you better, the one you can add to your busy day or your lifestyle and commit to it. Choose a practice and see the changes that it makes in your life.

The simplest practice to do in a daily basis is meditation; it can be done for five minutes, ten or as long as you can maintain focus without judging, but “the most important thing is that you try to do it every day” says Águeda. You can start with a simple meditation:

Seat with your back straight on the floor or a chair. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths feeling how the air enters and leaves your body. If you get distracted by thoughts let them pass and go back to paying attention to the breath. Open your eyes and think about how you feel for a minute before standing up.

Or you can search for a meditation centre or do it by your self-using a guided meditation to help you, there are also apps like Calm to get you through it.

The benefits of meditation and self-healing are vast, but the more you practice the more you perceive the changes in your attitude, body, language and feelings. As striving to be on a diet or going to the gym, you should also take care of your mind and allow the body to relax for the self-healing process to work. This binaural beats program is now for sale on Gumroad. It can help you sleep deeper, learn and focus better, and feel uplifted.

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