Secret Hitler: Probably the Crowd-Funding Campaign in 2015 with the highest attention

Secret Hitler - Screenshot: Kickstarter
Secret Hitler - Screenshot: Kickstarter
Secret Hitler - Screenshot: Kickstarter
Secret Hitler – Screenshot: Kickstarter

Hand on heart: How often have you played a board game or a card game within the last year? In the age of apps this number is getting smaller. At the moment a crowdfunding-campaign on Kickstarter gets great attention: Max Temkin, a designer from Chicago, started the campaign for his idea on ”Secret Hitler” – a card game with the aim of ”social deduction”.

To sum the idea of the game up: There are fascists and liberals in the group of players. And a Hitler. The aim of the game is to prevent Hitler from becoming the chancellor and prevent the fascists from gaining power. Have a look at the video:

It took one day to double it’s aim of $ 54,450. At the moment the campaign nearly reached $ 598,177 (Effective: 11/12/2015, 9:45 AM) and there are still 15 days to go.

Around the globe, the media also noticed the game:

Memo to America: it might be a good time to start listening to the history lesson. What better way than to watch your friends divide into Liberals and Fascists, as wildly suspicious of each other as red and blue America seem to be right about now?

Source: Chris Taylor for MashableUK

The element of randomness and the guessing around the identity of Hitler should breathe new life into the well-known genre of role playing games. (…) Players will be purged relatively late and don’t have to wait too long for the next round.

Source: Valentin Aschenbrenner for IGN Germany

”Secret Hitler” is probably one of the most noticed board games in the last years. But the idea is interesting and people who say that is not right to make fun about Hitler, there is just one thing left to say: The story is the real history and this is not fun – stop Hitler and prevent him from rising. Rewrite the history!

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