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Say Hello to Samantha The Queen

Pull back the theatre curtain, because Samantha The Queen is here to stay

Do you want to know her name? Her full name is Samantha The Queen. Remember this name. She is a rising star who has come to make history. So, give a warm welcome to a new celebrity. I invite you to stop everything that you are doing and pay attention. Come, follow this interview, because this is no small matter. We are talking about a DIVA.

Introducing a Star: Do you want to know who she is?

He is Andreilson Lourenço Pismel da Silva, a 27-year-old Brazilian social network analyst who graduated with a degree in Advertising and Marketing.

She is Samantha The Queen, a Brazilian artist who is better known as the newest DIVA.

He is Andrei, she is Samantha The Queen. Photo credit: Andrei Lourenço

Debut Performance

Samantha The Queen performed her debut performance last year in The George, one of the best known gay bars in Dublin. Her first performance was in front of friends but she soon grew in confidence and conquered the stage. She is no longer in her home country of Brazil, she is now an international performer in Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

Samantha The Queen and Athena DragQueen performing in The George. 

Samantha The Queen is ferocity, she is joy, she is art, she is the stage, she is a diva. She is part of my life and we are one. I am writing and experiencing her”,  Andrei said.

Samantha the Queen in her debut in The George in 2017. Ever since, she has not stopped performing. Photo credit: Andrei Lourenço. Design: Jackie Costa Ribeiro


Her inspiration comes from well-known celebrity divas such as Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and also the Brazilian star known as Queen Ivete Sangalo.

His story is no different from many other stories of a boy who discovers that he is gay. At age 12 he knew. After experiencing turbulence in family relationships and among school colleagues, he had his own acceptance at age 16. He comes from an active Catholic family, who do much more than just attend mass. He states that while at home he was actively involved in religion, reading, art and he sang in a choir group. He was always a very effeminate child but the open and clear talk that he had with his family, about being who he chose to be, only happened two years ago in 2015. Samantha The Queen represents joy, so if Andrei never came out as being who he really is, he would never have been happy; that happiness did not come from within.

Samantha is Andrei’s superlative. All that Andrei is, she’s 10 times more! he declared

Art of Drag

Andrei invests his money in women’s clothing and makeup. He says it takes an hour and a half to become Samantha; she loves a classic style with plenty of sparkles. When she is ready, Samantha The Queen guarantees a lively show on stage.

It takes an hour and a half to become Samantha. Photo credit: Andrei Lourenço

Samantha The Queen currently has a packed performance schedule and she is getting busier and busier. So, if you want to hire her take note.

 Samantha The Queen, Drag Artist ★

More contact details available upon request.

Journalism is interviewing people, telling stories, opening up spaces, continuing the development of an open society for all and being aware. Applause and success for Samantha’s journey. This is one more article written by Jackie Costa Ribeiro, on The Circular website. ★


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