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Saudi Arabia: New rules, new progress.

Saudi Arabia is considered a country known by their strict rules and the importance of Islam as religion. It is also one of the richest countries for the production of oil and it is home to Islam’s holiest shrines in Mecca and Medina. 

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In the last 2 years, the progress that the country has made is surprisingly big. One of the biggest changes is that The Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa is now available and it marks a historical change the country. From now on, tourists who belong from a list of eligible countries can visit the Kingdom.  

For more information about places to visit in Saudi Arabia, here is a review ”Saudi Arabia tourism: So what is there to see?” 

Also, another change away from its traditionally strict social code and in order to grow its tourism industry, all women will also be allowed to stay in hotel rooms without a male family member. Couples previously had to prove they were married before getting a hotel room in the Gulf state, where sex outside of marriage is banned. It is an interesting fact because even non-Muslim had to follow these rules, otherwise, they could get in trouble with the authorities in the Kingdom. 

It is also known that Muslim women were forbidden to do certain things on their own. However, a year ago, women have been allowed to have access to government services, such as education and healthcare without the need of consent from a guardian. The women were also allowed to drive and even have the opportunity to join the army force in Saudi Arabia.

Considering these facts, I think the country is evolving in a way that demonstrates that women are now acknowledges and that it is not dependent on a man to decide for them. Still, in society, there is a big concern about Muslim women who have been treated differently. And in fact this provides proof that everything in the world is changing and it can also change tradition for the better.


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