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Rush hour traffic: Comparison of Dublin and Lagos

M50 traffic in Dublin. Picture credit: Irish Mirror.

Dublin is fast becoming one of the cities in the world where commuters’ time are wasted on the road due to bad traffic, the attribute it shares with Lagos, Nigeria. Rush hours in these two cities are believed to be frustrating that people need to plan their journeys with added extra hours in order to meet up with their appointments and works.

Lagos is one of the few developed and industrious cities in Nigeria, thereby making it overpopulated as people flood into the city from far and near, towns and villages to make a living in the city as reported by CityMetric.

Traffic gridlock in Lagos. Photo credit: The New Mail NIgeria.

In Lagos, people spend several hours on the road to get to work in the morning due to traffic and ineffectiveness on the side of traffic workers. Lagosians have taken as their culture as it is part of their daily life.

Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos which is the second longest bridge in Africa links the Lagos mainland and Lagos Island, and driving through it is supposed to take 15minutes. During the rush hour, commuters sometimes spend up to 4hours trying to get to the other side of the bridge, most especially after the close of work in the evening.

Dublin’s M50 and so many other routes do experience gridlock at rush hours as well. The Irish Times reported that: “250 hours stuck in cars travelling at less than 10km per hour last year.”

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