The Rugged Beauty of West Kerry in the South-West of Ireland

The latest entry into the Star Wars series features the beautiful Skellig Michael, a rocky island off the coast of South-Kerry which has now been thrust into the international spotlight. Tourism in the area is expected to boom with increased interest already noticed by locals following the release of the film’s trailer last week. Skellig Michael is heavily featured in the trailer which has been viewed over 28million times in 5 days with the movie set to be released in December 2017.


However Kerry has always been a popular destination for tourists looking to get a glimpse of the rugged side of Ireland, away from the staged and over-produced tourism of the cities. The following slideshow attempts to show the less obvious beauty of arguably Ireland’s most scenic county; often overlooked by our own people but loved by visitors to our land:

[slideshow_deploy id=’35115′]

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