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Roses, Quality Street, Celebrations and Heroes: What’s Your Favourite Christmas Tub?

Christmas is here, time to eat chocolate selection tubs! Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

While Christmas draws into Irish households and businesses, tubs of selection chocolates will quickly be stocked up, followed shortly afterwards by fighting over which Christmas tin is the best: Roses, Quality Street, Celebrations or Heroes? Quality Street is really pulling up its Christmas sleeves this year with many chocolate enthusiasts jumping ship.

We haven’t forgotten about Roses. There’s been some controversy in recent years. Chocolate lovers have lashed out at Cadbury in 2019 over modifications to its Roses range, claiming that Cadbury ‘ruined Christmas’. Mini-sweet fans took to social media to vent their rage, with one also launching an online ‘Fix Cadbury Roses’ petition. By dropping some flavours, adding new ones to the mix and changing the packaging, Cadbury unveiled the updates to its Roses chocolate package.

It still puts some chocolate tub lovers in the festive mood though.

Celebrations and Heroes get confused quite a bit. Celebrations are made by MARS, Heroes are made by Cadburys and were originally a response to rival Celebrations. Heroes contain miniature versions of various Cadbury chocolate bars and are known by a different name in Australia and New Zealand, “Favourites”.

Ever wondered why your favourite Celebrations chocolates disappear first? One Instagram user figured it out…

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment telling us which Christmas chocolate tub is your favourite.

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