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Rimmel London - Match Perfection Foundation -Photo Credit Maria Morri (Flickr)
Rimmel London - Match Perfection Foundation -Photo Credit Maria Morri (Flickr)

If  you would only ever wear top beauty products like MAC, and only carry the latest Michael Kors bag you will know how hard that is on your back pocket. Now in my final year of college and entering into the scary mid twenties I’ve had to make some changes. Trying to buy a house while wearing hundreds of euro worth of makeup on your face just doesn’t work.

I’ve done all the hard work for you even coming out with bad BAD skin as a result, but I have found some real amazing makeup products that have been recognised in the world of beauty they appear to be even greater than favourite brands such as ‘Smashbox’.

So don’t panic when your high brand foundation runs out, I’ve used every brand out there at this stage, Chanel, Dior, MAC, benefit, Smashbox, etc etc..

My answer, Rimmel ‘Lasting Finish’ or Rimmel ‘Match Perfection’ these products will be your saviour! You can mix these two foundations together sometimes to get a more liquid but mat finish but that’s is all down to preference.

Many people like the dewy shiny look but I think that’s only a going out look. I also use the Rimmel Primer to prep the skin before applying any foundation, this is a great product and won’t break the bank, it keeps your makeup on right through to the early hours of the morning 😉

Rimmel London - Match Perfection Foundation -Photo Credit Maria Morri (Flickr)
Rimmel London – Match Perfection Foundation –Photo Credit Maria Morri (Flickr) 

Makeup brushes are the key to a beautiful finish..

We have all been through hairs falling out of the brushes and sticking to our face, that is down to mass production when a brand gets popular and in demand quality in products go down, so if you rely on your expensive top brand brushes but the hairs keep falling out it’s time to toss them aside.

I’ve tested and gone through more brushes than I can count and the ones that are truly the best on the market are Real Techniques high tech brushes by Samantha Chapman. They are sold in all Boots stores across Ireland and the UK and also a large selection of chemists.. Also the prices are amazing for such a great product!

Real Tecnique Brushes  Photo Credit - jjesskalee (flickr)
Real Technique Brushes
Photo Credit – jjesskalee (flickr)

There are some great tutorials on YouTube guiding you through how to apply your favourite beauty products, simply type what you want to expand your knowledge on into the search bar!

Many of the products I have bought have been covered on YouTube makeup tutorial channels, a popular one is top blogger Suzanne Jackson known as So Sue Me. You can find her full foundation routine in the video below.

Youtube makeup tutorials are free and they give you the best advice, whatever you want to know more about, someone somewhere has covered it and uploaded it on YouTube.

Any tips you want to share drop a comment.

You can also check out my article on how to achieve the perfect makeup look here

Happy shopping 🙂


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