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Revolut’s new features capture users’ entire financial lifestyle

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Recent Financial Technologies are known to make banking easier featuring awesome user experience that accommodates all types of users with seamless processes that guarantee customers’ satisfaction and security.

One of the most popular payment software in Ireland is Revolut– a British financial technology company founded by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko in 2015 and prides itself in “building the first truly global financial SuperApp”. With over a million users in Ireland, Revolut has not backed down in their marketing strategy- a 60 Euros referral fee is up for existing customers who successfully register a new user on the platform.

One major fascinating service Revolut provides is the disposable virtual card for online shopping and other kinds of payment. This card, as it name implies, can only be used once and disposed thereby allowing users to share such card detail to necessary contacts or personally use them to shop online with an assurance that their details cannot be used a second time.

All major currencies in one single payment software- Revolut’s virtual card can be used to pay in Dollars, Euros and Pounds in different accredited countries. All you need to do is convert your currency in one tap and the amount is converted to the targeted currency at a standard rate.

Spare Change is another Revolut’s smart feature that allows you save “unconsciously”, yes! With the spare change feature, you can save your change at every spending. You can even save more with the accelerator feature that allows you save by multiplying your change from 2 to 10 times faster.

You can also create a vault system with your Revolut contact, this allows you spend together! or save together! This feature helps collective responsibility towards bill payment such as monthly rents, food purchases and share expenses at social events.

With just your phone number or a username, deposits can be made quickly between customers in a manner similar to sending texts on social media- in this case, it is cash interaction. Other interesting features of this software are instant loans, stock and cryptocurrency trading.

In the coming months, users like me look forward to more interesting features from a banking mobile application that has indeed captured users’ entire financial life.

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