3 Korean Dramas to watch after handing in your last assignment

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You handed in your last assignment and just need a break? After the pub-crawl, how about watching a few Korean Dramas? We spend a week of binge watching in front of our Laptops to tell you, which ones you should watch!

Korean Dramas?

For those who never encountered Korean Dramas, it probably sounds like a weird idea. But trust us, reading the subtitles won’t distract you from what’s happening and you’ll definitely find something you like. K-Dramas are getting more and more popular internationally. They usually air for one Season with 12 to 24 episodes of 60 minutes each. So perfect for a weekend cuddled up in front of your Laptop!

Unlike in most American or European dramas, the music plays a very important role in K-Dramas. Most Series even sell their soundtracks after airing. If you’re into K-Pop, you probably even stumble across a few of your favourite idols!

So here you go, with 3 of our favourite Dramas:


Goblin: The Lonely and the Great God

Goblin: The Lonely and the Great God Poster
Goblin: The Lonely and the Great God Poster – Asianwiki.com


16 Episodes – Fantasy, Romance, Drama

A long time ago, Kim Shin, a general in wars dies through the hand of his King. He becomes a Goblin, a protector of souls, with an immortal life. After realising that this is not a blessing but a curse, he starts searching for his bride, who could release him of his fate. In the present, 900 years later, he encounters Ji Eun-Tak. A young women who is, despite her painful life, a rather optimistic person. Summoning him by accident again and again, their relationship starts.

Our short Review

One of our favourite Dramas. The Dramas final episodes had a ranking of 18.68% nationwide audience share, making it the second highest rated Drama in Korean cable television history. The music is amazing and really drives you in. Like many other Dramas, Goblin is able to combine Comedy and Emotions. With the Fantasy and History aspect as well as the backflashes, the series is really fun to watch. The only thing we miss.. A second season.


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Poster
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Poster – Asianwiki.com


20 Episodes – Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Drama

During a total eclipse of the sun, Go Ha-jin travels back to the Goryeo dynasty. She wakes up in the body of Hae Soo and encounters the royal princes of the ruling Wang family. The Story follows her fate in the to her unknown new era she is left in. Hae Soo finds herself caught between the rivalry and the politics among the princes and the fight for the throne.

Our short Review

This is definitely one of the best Korean Dramas we have seen, but it is certainly not one for those who aren’t used to the Korean way of story telling. Certain cliches come up like in many K-Dramas: A Love Triangle, accidental kisses and a lot of secrets that mess up the story line. For those who enjoy cliffhangers and story turns and love to get engaged in a Characters Fate, this Drama is certainly the right one. Also, the music and the cinematography are amazing.



Black Poster
Black Poster – Asianwiki.com


14 Episodes so far – Still airing – Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, Horror

The mysterious and romantic story follows the grim reaper Black, who possessed a humans body, and Kang Ha-Ram who is able to see the shadows of death. Breaking the rules of heaven, the two try to save the lives of other people. (We don’t want to spoiler to much here and since it’s difficult to describe the plot without spoilering, we kept it short)

Our Short Review

While Korean Dramas certainly are good at making pretty much everything romantic (including the personated death), you could think that this is another handsome Grim Reaper – Story, but don’t get fooled. This series really takes a thriller part in romance. The series is certainly nothing for you if you search for a light hearted fantasy romance but if you are open for a hriller story and amazingly creepy music: The Show is currently airing on Netflix!


What’s your opinion on Korean Dramas?

Have you watched any K-Drama Series yet? Do you have a favourite? Tell us in the comments!

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