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Review of the Short series “Behind her Eyes”.

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Spoiler Alert : Do not read this if you haven’t watched or are planning to watch the six episode short series streaming on Netflix.

Initially, when I started watching the series, I was certain that it was going to have a suspenseful ending that was going to have a capital twist. The novel by Sarah Pinborough which the Netflix series is based was originally advertised to readers with a sinister subway ad warning people not to trust the book and the performatively surprised hashtag,#WTFEnding. The ending of the series is not what you would expect. The series is a psychosexual thriller. The series is about three bored people trying to make their life more interesting by spicing up their relationships. Louise (Simona Brown ), a lonely single mother longing for adventures of her own,  finds herself seductively attracted to her boss , David (Tom Bateman ) and his mysterious wife , Adele (Eve Hawson). It was directed by Erik Richter Strand and was written by Angela LaManna and Steve Lightfoot. I would highlight that it is a good show to watch during this lockdown. Hewson is creepy in the role of a person on the edge at any given time, her husband David is worried and not happy about her state of being. The series protagonist is Louise, who is particularly good at bestriding the line between the fascinated outside and willing participant in the couple’s continuing mind games. After Louise and Adele connect over their shared night terrors, Adele secretly coaches Louise to take control of her dreams and later on perform Astral projection. We find out through Adele’s occasional flashbacks of her time in a rehabilitation facility after narrowly escaping the house fire that killed her parents. Adele is experienced at Astral projection, which she uses to spy on her loved ones. We also find out that Adele has found a way to teach Rob( Robert Aramayo)a drug addict she meets in the facility who becomes infatuated with Adele or the rich and interesting life that Adele appears to live.

One of the first things ,I noticed as I watch the series is that Adele(Eve Hewson ) hasn’t really been herself in the series. I find out there is a rational explanation for this . It turns out that Adele’s true identity is Rob,a drug addict  who bodysnatches  ,the real and loving Adele after she shares with him the undisclosed act of astral projection during their time together in rehab. My advice for people is to watch and be careful who you let into your life and what you share with people. People cannot be trusted. Rob/Adele pulls off his bodily heist a second time with Louise who I wished would just have minded her business and focused on her family. He is very manipulative and uses the disguise of Adele. He fakes a suicide attempt by overdosing and setting her house on fire. Louise distressed by her mother’s suicide, runs to the house in a rescue attempt. Louise uses the power of astral projection which Adele has taught her to try and save her. This leads Rob to use that time to possess Louise, leaving her mind trapped in dead Adele’s body while he takes over her body. It is very confusing to understand.

The people I feel for are David (Tom Bateman) and Louise’s  son ,Adam(Tyler Howitt) who are left in suspense and have no idea what has really happened . We notice this ,during Louise and David’s wedding .

Anase’s Review of the series “Behind her Eyes”
Trailer of the short series “Behind Her Eyes” .Video Credit:Netflix.

Netflix gives us a preview and trailer of what to expect on the series ,”Behind Her Eyes”.

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