Repeal the 8th: An Interview with Rita Harrold and Ailbhe Smith

Sign at Women's march, Dublin
Sign at Women's march, Dublin

Last week it was announced that a referendum to remove the 8th amendment from the Irish constitution is likely to be held in summer 2018.

In Ireland, the eighth amendment states that the right to life of the mother and the unborn child are equal.

Last Spring, students from Griffith College, including writers from The Circular made a short documentary on the topic of ‘Repeal The Eighth’ exploring why people thought it was important to give women the choice over their reproductive rights.

Talking to the general public at the Women’s March on International Women’s Day in March 2017, protesters were asked the simple question as to why they were there and why it was important today.

Rita Harrold, a campaigner from ROSA (for Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism & Austerity) was interviewed about the situation in Ireland and what’s being done to change that.

ROSA is an initiation set up by women in the Socialist Party, with the aim of promoting and organising events, actions and campaigning activity on the issues mentioned, open to anyone who supports its message to participate in.

Campaigners from ROSA at a women's rights protest in Dublin - Photo Credit Sandra Ní Dhubhthaigh
Campaigners from ROSA at a women’s rights protest in Dublin – Photo Credit Sandra Ní Dhubhthaigh


Ailbhe Smith, from the Repeal the Eighth Coalition also spoke about how Ireland has progressed and changed in the last number of years by voting yes in the same-sex marriage referendum and how people have the right to make up their own minds on the repeal of the 8th amendment also.

If you are eligible to vote in Ireland and would like to have your say in this referendum which is due to take place next summer please click here to register or here to check to see if you are already registered.

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