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Tribute to Avicii

Image by Jacob Morch from Pexels

April the 20th of this year makes it three years since the legendary Swedish DJ, Tim Bergling popularly known as Avicii passed away. 

Most people may know him for his single “Wake me up,” which dominated radio stations in 2013 and was certified six-times platinum. Amongst other songs, “The Nights” is another remarkable song by him as it’s renowned for its famous lyrics told by his father that says, “One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life that you will remember.”  As a result of this, Avicii said in the music video of this song that he wants to be remembered for the life that he lived and not for the money he made. And we can see today that people still carry him on in their own way from all over the world, as they recall the little things that he did and the songs he contributed to the world of music.

Artists and fans who were influenced by Avicii’s music and who knew him personally paid tribute to him on this day, as they shared their favorite song and memory of him. 

His official biography, written by Swedish journalist Mans Mosesson, is set to be released later this year. The book is said to honor the late Avicii by depicting the life he lived alongside the challenges he faced. 

Avicii was a phenomenal artist, DJ, and producer who elevated electronic dance music to new heights. He indeed made memories that will never fade away.

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