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Remembering 2022 St. Patricks day

Photo by Laura Tancredi from Pexels

One of the most emotional speeches I have ever heard and still very much inspired by is the Taoiseach’s speech when he announced the lifting of most Covid restrictions in Ireland. This was the an announcement everyone had been waiting for and it was the talk of the whole country which was celebrated with great optimism of the upcoming spring season.

Since the start of covid-19, St. Patrick’s day celebration had been suspended for two years, among other aspects of the societal culture that were restricted. Therefore, the celebration this year was remarkable to the entire world and not just to the Irish. Added to the list of surprises was the presence of the international guest of honour – John C. Reily – an Irish American actor, producer and musician.

Historically, the St Patrick’s day (also known as the feast of St. Patrick’s) is a cultural and religious celebration held in remembrance of the death of St Patrick who was the foremost patron saint of Ireland. It is usually celebrated with different activities which majorly includes cultural parades at significant locations across Ireland and also, massive drinking of beer.

As a student who never experienced the celebration, I was really overwhelmed by the different activities and crowd- apparently, one which had tourist representatives from across the globe. This definitely confirms that the Irish are very social, friendly and also, spread across different countries.

Here is an highlight of the St. Patrick’s event featuring an excerpt of the Taoiseach’s speech and a busker:

Highlight of 2022 St. Patrick’s day- Video created by Oluseye Oyelakin
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