Relationships In College, Yes or No?

In the week that was in it, with valentines day behind us now, I took to twitter to find out what people’s opinions were about having a romantic relationship in college. These are a good few of the responses I received. I hope you find it interesting and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion!

“It’s a good time to explore and see what you like or don’t like in a partner, but being attached in college isn’t the be all and end all.”,

“risky, can be irritating at times but if you really care bout the person it should be no problems”,

“Having a relationship in college is like giving a fat kid cake and telling him not to eat it #allabouttheshift”,

“They can be intense and controlling. It’s hard to sustain a healthy/normal one because you want to be “free” in college, and rightly so.”,



“Confusing and tough at times,it’s great seeing that person every day though too, sharing a group of friends”,

“I think they go through sum tough times,entering & leaving college, where the dynamic changes.if ppl get thru them,the hardest part is over.”

“Relationships Are great in college but if you really want a love that is indefinite, start drinking Jameson.”

“You feel you should be out every night with a different person. It’s hard to stay in a relationship when you feel like you’re missing out.”



“I think relationships in college are important ones. I think they can be relationships that last and ones that will continue in life.”

“Worth it once you put the effort in,nice to have someone when you’re stressed; who says you still cant creep in lectures?!”

“Havin a relationship in 1st year of college is no fun.Maybe in 3rd year get yourself a fella/lady. Or just continue shifting everyone #WAHOO.”

“Duet. Dumb. Dazzling. Dizzying. Dirty. Dramatic. Drab. Dreary. Dread. Damaging. Disappointed. Devastating. Drunk. Door. Done.”


Some very eye opening comments. The answers lived up to my expectation in that there was great variety in opinion. Thank you very much to the contributors and if you have an opinion on the matter get commenting, I’d love to hear more opinions!

A little tune I think relates quiet well to the topic.


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