Relationships – How to know if you are in the comfort zone!

Relationship Goals - Love and Laughter - Photo Credit - Nicolas F. (flickr)
Relationship Goals - Love and Laughter - Photo Credit - Nicolas F. (flickr)
Young Love - Photo Credit - Stephanie (flickr)
Young Love – Photo Credit – Stephanie (flickr)

All relationships have their fair share of problems, and unfortunately girls watch movies like the Notebook and that’s when us girls refuse to settle for less! But it’s time for a smack of reality ladies..

Before you think I’m miserable and wrong in what I’m about to say, I am in a long term relationship myself. These findings may not be the case for you and your partner and if not please share your secret.

When discussing with friends what are the most common ‘comfortable’ habits we develop as our relationships progress these six came up time and time again.

Below are six signs that show you’re in that comfort zone.. any sound familiar?

Girls getting comfortable..

1- We don’t hide our naked faces. Makeup becomes more of a weekend thing!

2 – Penny’s pj’s have become our regular outfit from around 8 at night, comfort before sexy (poor lads)

3 – Our personalities have gone weird (yes we hide that at the start) every girl has a hidden weirdo inside.

4 – YES WE EAT!! many girls try order healthy at the start and refuse to order fatty foods, this is no longer an issue in fact we don’t want to share we can manage it all, and we’d rather order our own take out just so we get all we asked for.

5 – Nights out, regular day trips, new posh restaurants… yeh that all becomes a monthly thing at best!!

6 – You don’t mind if you haven’t booked yourself in for your regular waxing, what’s the panic?

There are many more but they are some of the top six habits most woman will be nodding their heads too right now, so don’t deny it.

Ladies, you must realise that these habits that creep in to our relationships are not necessarily bad, being comfortable isn’t always so horrible because your other half soon becomes a best friend and that can be better than butterflies. However it is extremely important for your relationship to always make the effort, even simple little things can be just wants needed, I’m a cinema addict so that’s always a good date night.

Relationship Goals - Love and Laughter - Photo Credit - Nicolas F. (flickr)
Relationship Goals – Love and Laughter – Photo Credit – Nicolas F. (flickr)

As long as you are both still making each other laugh well then that’s all that matters. . 🙂




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