Relationships come and go, Youtube videos stay forever.

Taylor Swift has recently released the video for her latest song “22” It has been given lots of  publicity seen as all those that are in it are the singers actual friends. The song which according to the star herself is “dedicated to the uncertainty of life at her age”   poses a question for the singer…will those friends still be as important to her when she is 42?


Including friends and significant others in music videos is not just a new phenomena but when a relationship breaks up and that person is in one of your most successful videos to date, does it not taint the success just a little bit?

Take The Gym Class Heroes video for example, In 2006 the American band bursted on to the charts, it was out of the blue and the band were relatively unknown to most. They took a classic song by Supertramp and made it into a catchy tune that to date has received over 40 million views on Youtube. At the end a black haired  young lady appears to be the best girlfriend ever and lead singer Travis McCoy serenades her with words such as (QUE THE CRINGE)  “and when I start to build my future shes the main component.”

This young lady has now outsold the band 10 times over and her name is Katy Perry. Both Travis and Katy had been in a relationship for several years and in 2009 broke up. So I doubt this song brings many happy memories to either of them.



Another more recent YouTube sensation is Carly Rae Jepson who catapulted into the viral limelight with  her catchy tune “Call me maybe”. The song got even more publicity after her video which was staged with all her friends including Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber went into the public eye. The couple have since split and I’m pretty sure when Carly heard the news she was struggling to figure out which friend she was hanging up on and who she had on speed dial.



In a nutshell, don’t have friends or partners in your music videos, they can come and go but your Youtube account it stays forever.


Have you got anymore musical partnerships that shouldn’t have joined forces?

 link them to us in the comment section!

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  1. It can work out well for some. Take for example Beyonce and Jay-Z. One of the most powerful couples in the music business who have joined forces on a number of occasions…and are still going strong.

  2. ABBA springs to mind here…. both marriages ended in divorce…. not much chance of a reunion there! seperate your work from your play

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