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Red lips, Bold steps.

Photo by Gabb Tapic from Pexels

The 21st century female is all about being pro-active, powerful in her role, breaking every leg on her path to success and one major accessory to finessing this slay walk is the Red Lipstick.

The significance of the rouge beauty item has evolved from the times of ancient Egypt, the red lip color adorned by Queen Cleopatra was made from red ochre clay, ants and carmine beetles to create the deep pigmented hue. The symbol of that color espoused the royalty and the strength of her character.

This however was not the position of the church during the Renaissance. The Church termed the ladies with red lipstick as vulgar and the front seat ticket to Gospel hell, essentially a craft of the devil.

This timeline has drawn significance to the use of the color as told by Fashionista  , we have now arrived at the time where it is the power color, not as a yardstick of societal labels but as an embodiment of the female strength. Lena Dunham dubs the red lipstick as feminism’s calling card. It has taken a universal symbol of unity among women globally, representing their stand for equality, respect and fairness. The color unquestionably as also reported by Teen Vogue means more than a beauty item, as they report what the red lipstick meant to the Latina ladies.

Trends on how to rock the red lipstick has also evolved over the years, from bold swipes to mixed color combos to the perfecting cupid bow sculpt. The secret to the perfect red lipstick wear is matching your natural skin ones with the variety of red gradient in the market. Different shades of the red lipstick ranges in undertones from cool to neutral to warm.

The red lipstick is timeless and classic, today’s women have embodied the symbolism of the red lipstick in their respective niches such as Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez, Gwen Stefani, Amal Clooney, Taylor Swift, and to name just a few.

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