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Recovering Drug Addict Shares Her Story

Recovering Drug Addict share pride in her sobriety.

What happens when medicating your problems away was all you were ever taught?

Now 25, Laura Hardiman was once just an 11 year old girl asking for help. After working with countless doctors, receiving endless prescriptions, and developing a Ketamine addiction, Laura speaks to The Circular about her journey into and out of the world of an addict.

It is incredibly moving to listen to such a candid description of her personal road to addiction. Exploring her story of depression, state psychiatry services, and eventual drug abuse has changed the way we look at addiction forever. In a society which is growing its awareness and acceptance of depression and anxiety, we hope we can expand this empathy and understanding towards addiction as well.

The Circular would like to extend a special thanks to Laura for opening up her life and mind to us. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

Disclaimer: It gets deep and real.

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