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Recording artist and co-founder of QAP Photography, Oluokun Adefolarin,speaks on the road to fame

photocredit: Folarts

Folarin Oluokun, a student of Griffith College has been making waves in his career path both as an Artiste and co-founder qap photography. He has been very successful with his performances, especially in the western part of Nigeria where he is popularly known.

In a chat with Circular team, he opens up on the challenges so far and how he combines both talents with his studies.

Circular: Can we meet you?

FO:  I am Oluokun Adefolarin Adekunle, a student of Griffith College, a musical artiste and also a photographer.

Circular: So, tell us about your photography, what does QAP stand for?

FO: QAP stands for Queen and Prince Photography, it started in the year 2018 with my sister as the founder after which we employed some hands.

Circular: How did you discover your interest in photography?

FO: The passion I have for creativity and beautiful pictures. Behind every picture is a story or a time or a feeling that I like to capture in the moment, because no matter what happens later, that moment will never change. I also believe that creativity is a wellspring of virtues. Music and Photography are the two things that stood out for me and I believe they have a lot in common.

Circular: Are there specific products or instruments you like to work with?

 FO: I Prefer to use DSLR cameras, but so far I have used Nikon D40 and Canon D4000. I prefer the canon because it gives me clearer pictures and it is more user friendly, the way the cameras are built and the general outlook just works with how many minds work. It also gives more options to control my picture.

Circular: How well do you collaborate with other photographers or assistants?

FO: I enjoy working with other people, because you get a second insight or opinion as the popular saying “Two good heads are better than one”. I believe when you see through the eyes of other photographers the work only gets better and easier to achieve.

Circular: Do you possess any formal training or certification in this field?

FO: Yes, I learnt a bit of Photography but nothing really formal so no certificate.

Circular: Which is your favorite lens and why?

FO: I like to use a “Prime Lens”. Majorly because it gives the freedom to create effects even from the raw image file.

Circular: Aside being a photographer, we learnt that you are also a student and a Musical Artiste. Tell us about that?

FO: Yeah, I am currently undergoing my Higher Diploma at Griffith College. I am also an artiste and I write my own songs. It’s all about proper planning and scale of preference. Days I don’t have classes, I go out with the camera and take pictures and as for music I could get inspiration anywhere, even in the bus and begin to write down my lyrics. I stick to school schedule, so I don’t have to play catch up later.

photocredit: Folarts

Circular: What brought about your passion for music?

 FO: Self-expression in a positive creative way. Music has had a way of influencing my mood. I Started making music to express my bottled-up emotions, while growing up I always had issues expressing myself but with music I could easily set those emotions free.

Circular: Can you please tell us about your creative process?

 FO: Different songs come with different processes. Sometimes I hear a beat and just challenge myself to write the songs and the melody from there I try to create the best. I sometimes feel emotionally great and turn it into music.

 Circular: What would be your definition of an average?

FO: An average day for me would be; wake up, make people around me smile/happy, on a school day, i attend my classes and during the weekends take pictures or write down lyrics (depending on how I feel), sing or play the guitar. Listen to new music to expand my boundaries.

Circular: Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music? Where does your inspiration come from?

FO: No hidden meaning in my music. My first song was about how I miss my mum, but it wasn’t explicitly stated.

Circular: Do collaborate with others? What is the process like?

FO: Yes, I collaborate with others like Lil Torn, Mr Piyano, Jay Buzz, Jatrey and its basically when I have heard their song and they have heard mine and we feel so impressed with each other that we decide to collaborate.

I would like to collaborate with great artistes such as;Timi Dakolo, Davido, Cobhams, Johnny Drille, Simi, Asa, Praiz, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Tuface just to name a few in the near future.

Circular: How do you respond to the attention and engage your fans?

 FO: Interactions with fans of my music is usually on social media platforms like IG, WhatsApp etc.

Circular: Tell us about your performance have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

FO: Yes, I have stage fright but the love of singing and making people happy usually overshadows the fright.

Circular: which would you recall as your favorite venue?

FO: I don’t really have a venue. So long as there is an audience, I am good to go.

Circular: Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to seeing more creative works from you.

FO: Thank you.
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