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Recipes with friends: sharing is caring

Recipes with friends is a new Facebook group created to share the latest and best tips, recipes, and articles about food and health from everyone. It is a place where people from any end of the world can get together to share their home recipes or celebrate new successes in their culinary and health journeys.

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Who can join

Anyone can join the Facebook group. It is not exclusive or restricted to those with food blogs or expertise in cooking or nutrition. It is simply a place to share ideas and promote healthy conversation about food and health. For those who are experts or have knowledge about food and health, it can be a great opportunity to educate others and share knowledge with the community.


There are no rules in place for this facebook group but it is intended to be friendly, useful and judgement free. Members are encouraged to be nice to everyone. Posts from group members will be thoroughly read and reviewed to ensure that there is no misinformation, negativity or condescending speech on the page. Posts and comments that do not follow the guideline of politeness will be removed.

Seeking permission to post

Everyone is encouraged to post freely and frequently. This group is not affiliated with any brand, network, or advertisements. If recipes and health tips do not belong to the person posting them or have been taken from another website they should be acknowledged and credited.

How to join 

Joining is as simple as following and liking @recipeswithfriendsx on Facebook.

Want to become a member of @recipeswithfriendsx?

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