Recipe : How to make sushi ?

Mix sushi by mikeru

Ingredients (for approximately 36 sushis):

– 300 g of rice with vinegar
– 200 g of fish in the choice (salmon, bar, sole, mackerel, here of the tuna)
– 3 dried seaweed sheets nori
– 2 soup spoons of vinegar of rice diluted in 20 cl with cold water
– A little wasabi
– A mat of bamboo

photo taken by Jeremie
photo taken by Jeremie  


1.Cut small strips of fish about half a cm in thickness, then cut them in two lengthwise.

2. Wet your fingers with the water/vinegar mixture and spread 75g of rice on half of sheet of nori.

3. Deposit one drawn by wasabi in the center and on all the width of the rice.

4. Deposit your small strips of fish along wasabi.

5. While maintaining the side dish, roll delicately the mat(braid) by holding it between indexes and thumbs.

6. Roll the mat of bamboo until the edges of the seaweed contact and print a light pressure uniformly on the whole roller.

7. Unwind the mat of bamboo. Moisten the blade of a wide knife and cut the roller in two, then every half of the roller in three.

Sushi are ready !

Mix sushi by mikeruMix sushi by mikeru    

良い食欲 (enjoy your meal)

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