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Ailerons de poulet confits au miel by Marmiton

Eat Pasta butter annoys you ? But you have not enough money to eat at restaurent every night.

Don’t panic ! I have the solution for you ! I propose you a recipe to cook very quickly and very cheap from Marmiton.

Chicken wings candied in the honey

Ailerons de poulet confits au miel by Marmiton
Ailerons de poulet confits au miel by Marmiton

Ingredient (for 4 people):
– 1,5 kg of ailerons of chicken
– 0,5 liters of broth (in cube)
– 4 soup spoons of honey
– 2 cms of root of ginger
– 4 cloves of garlic
– 1/2 lemon (juice and zest)
– 2 soup spoons of sauce soya
– Ground(worn-out) hot pepper of Cayenne
– Salt and black pepper


Put chicken wings into the pressure cooker. Wet those with the half of a broth. Let simmer with a lid during 10 minutes.

While, make the syrup. Chop the garlic, ginger, and put a lemon zest (not too much it could be bitter). Shake with the honey, lemon juice, soja sauce and pimento.

Pour the syrup on the chicken wings and let it reduce until liquid is evaporate (the syrup has to be thick). If the chicken seems tough just wet it little by little with the broth.

The chicken is golden and the syrup is thick, it is ready !


Bon appétit !


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