Nokia 3310: reasons why I will not buy the ‘digital detox’ phone

Nokia 3310, Photo credit: HMD Global
Nokia 3310, Photo credit: HMD Global
Nokia 3310, Photo credit: HMD Global
Nokia 3310, Photo credit: HMD Global

The Nokia 3310 will forever have a place in my heart, just not in my pocket.

The infamous Nokia 3310 has returned to the European market and with it, some mixed opinions as to whether there is a need for this rebirth of such a beloved phone.

In 2000, when the Nokia 3310 was first released, it was a simpler time. We focussed on real life rather than the digital lives we have given ourselves today. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were battling it out to be the top pop princess of the moment and the Ozbournes hadn’t even graced our screens yet giving us our first glimpse at reality TV.

I understand that people have a sense of nostalgia when they think of the Nokia 3310 and yes, it would be a suitable buy for festival-goers or for parents to give to their children as a safeguard, but apart from that, it is hard to find it’s place in modern society.

Personally, I will not be buying this nod to the past and there is one reason above all others, Whatsapp. I completely understand that the point of this re-release is to give the world a digital detox phone however, without Whatsapp, you will be cutting yourself off from much more than modern technology.

In the past few years, this social media giants that boasts over one billion users has paved the way for communication in modern technology. Not only does the app allow you to contact people by text/ video from anywhere in the world, but it is also free. By failing to include Whatsapp on the re-vamped device, it excludes the main form of communication on mobile nowadays.

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Phone, photo credit: geralt (Pixabay)

Another flaw that is evident in the newly resurrected Nokia 3310 is the infamous game Snake. One of the main reasons people were calling for the return of the indestructible phone was the original game. HMD Global, the company founded to create the new generation of Nokia phones,  boasts the fact that they brought back the new and improved Snake, however, I feel as though they missed the point. Consumers called for the resurgence of the original game and from looking at the teaser debuted by HMD Global, unfortunately the call wasn’t exactly answered.

Snake by Nokia 3310, photo credit Debbie Ridgard
Snake by Nokia 3310, photo credit Debbie Ridgard

The final and perhaps most unusual flaw of the Nokia 3310 is fact that it still communicates through the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies. This means that the phone is only compatible with 2G communications, frequencies that have been turned off in countries like Canada and the U.S.A. The issue that arises with this is that the phone, perfect for travelling with,  won’t actually be able to  work in these countries as it won’t connect to a network.

The Nokia 3310 is a fantastic marketing strategy. In its day, it was a massive success, selling over 120 million units in it’s first month. The revival of the classic has sparked a lot of curiosity, however I feel that if you want to detach yourself from the internet world, simply delete your apps, turn off your data and enjoy the world around you. You can always re-install it later.

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