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Real Irish News

Do you notice a trend in the mainstream news cycle? Water charges, Brexit, The election – why do
certain topics appear to completely dominate mainstream news for weeks at a time while
the very relevant and newsworthy occurrences are happening nationally and locally, everyday, without any coverage.

Many would suggest that we are consuming our news from organisations who may have an agenda or,
that are being influenced or controlled by the government or large sponsors. After all RTE is officially state broadcasting.

The purposes of this article isn’t to verify or even investigate these claims, but to inform you can consume news from alternative sources.
I have just created an online news community, on Facebook. The name of this page is Real Irish News. This community will post and encourage
others to share everyday news which matters to the public. These matters might be local news
stories, smaller scale stories, or perhaps stories that merit broad scale attention and simply aren’t receiving it.
Another key aspect of this community will be discussion and debate on the issues presented. We
feel that when events and topics aren’t in the mainstream, there is a tendency for them not to receive
the attention and public discourse, that is warranted
Please visit the link below, join the group and beginning posting. Your stories matter!

We encourage people to post stories from any source, or write their own articles to get the stories
which matter to them into the public eye. Perhaps there has been a spate of burglaries in your area, or maybe someone has been dumping in your local park. Perhaps you are aware of local or national corruption. On a broader scale, have you had an experience of dealing with the government or major organisations that you would like to share.
There will be no story too big or too small, so please join the community and start having the
conversations that matter to you!

If the relationship between the media and politics is a topic of interest to you, I would recommend reading the article linked below, provided by the Guardian website:


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