Real Gold Korean Sheet Mask? Let’s Try It Out!

Photo by Ash Potter from Huawei P10 Lite

I am a sheet mask and skincare addict so I jumped at the opportunity to buy a sheet mask made out of “real” gold. Well, there’s only 0.1ppm of gold listed in the ingredients so it’s not a lot.

The OOZOO Face Gold Foilayer Mask is a moisturizing and plumping effect sheet mask. The 3 layer mask is supposed to act as a heat effect treatment in order to make the ingredients go deeper into your skin and hydrate your face. Noteworthy ingredients like Adenosine, Coffea arabica seed oil and Glyceryl stearate have anti-ageing (Yes please!) and hydrating properties.

Watch the full review with bonus sheet mask tips in this video.

The longer you leave your mask on, the better the effect, right? No! Don’t leave this mask on for longer than 20 minutes because the serum will begin to get soaked back into the mask and have no effect on your skin. I slept in many sheet masks before I heard about this rule so you’re welcome. Some skincare commentators recommend storing sheet masks in your refrigerator but it’s not necessary unless there are ingredients like Vitamin C in a product.

The separate top and bottom parts of the mask were a unique charm that allowed it to fit against my face more easily. At the time of filming, I saw a difference in my skin after removing the mask but watching back the video now, there seem to be minimal results.

Thinking about trying the mask yourself? Brown Thomas is selling The OOZOO Face Gold Foilayer Mask for €6. Comment below what you thought about this real gold sheet mask from South Korea.

*All products were bought out of my own money. This article is not sponsored.

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