Rascals Brewery Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake IPA

Rascals Brewery Milkshake Can-Photo Credit
Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake Can- Photo Credit (Rascals Brewery)

Rascals Brewery is continuing to make beer waves in the shape of creamy milkshakes. Say what? Their milkshakes are bringing all the boys to the yard… followed swiftly by the ladies. Now you’re dancing Betty and Brendan. Much intrigued, yes.   So, the cheeky Rascals have launched a Strawberry Vanilla Shake IPA made in collaboration with Idlewild bar on Fade St, Dublin.

This washed down well at the recent Alltech Beer Festival in February. So much so, the immediate demand from customers for cans was a must.

So what is a Milkshake IPA if you’re not a beer nerd?  It’s not just a crafty name — these are hoppy beers, brewed with oats and lactose sugar in order to produce a thick, milky, sweet, and often fruity brew. Once it’s ready to pour, this brew style resembles a classic milkshake.  Rascals IPA is brewed with lots of wheat and oats for body, strawberries, vanilla and lactose for sweetness and lastly, lots of Citra and Mosaic hops to boost the fruity strawberry milkshake effect.

At the recent tap takeover event called The Last Sup at 57 the Headline in Dublin on Holy Thursday. Their Strawberry Vanilla Shake IPA was served up among their other core beers. Another addition in line with their Project Sour Series beers – is the fourth Project sour – Blood Orange Kettle Sour. According to Rascals “It is Brewed with Blood Orange puree, orange peel and paired with Pacifica and Mandarina Bavaria hops. Aroma of orange peel, peach and mango. Tart and refreshing yet subtly sweet from the blood orange and fruity hops. Sunshine in a glass.” It certainly didn’t disappoint. There were competitions on the night and they gave you the chance to win their branded Rascal T-shirts. The headline was full of cheeky Rascals by closing doors.


The cheeky Rascals family have been up to mischief again – they really stand by the “Bold” in their branding. They recently produced their first parody video. Check it out here. Watch this space of what is to come.

The latest Strawberry Milkshake is available in Molloy’s Off-licence and O’Briens, their other core beers are available to buy on their website and in SuperValu.










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