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Raccoons: God’s Gift To Society

Photo by David Ohboy from Pexels

Have you ever witnessed a raccoon? If not you are missing out. They are majestic, breathtaking and incredible.

Often described as trash bandits, raccoons are native to North America. These medium-sized mammals are recognisable for their grey fury and shifty ways. They sport a sleek, stylish and dare I say fancy little mask on their face. These masks are ideal for protecting their identity and allowing raccoons to commit various crimes.

Raccoons will eat anything they can get their dainty little paws on. For this reason, they have adapted well to urban life. Many city dwellers will often get midnight visitations from their local raccoons during which the little cuties will scavenge through the trash for tasty morsels.

Raccoons were often thought to live isolated lives. However recent studies have found that they actually live in small groups. Related male and female raccoons live separately in little gangs. When the two sexes do meet in mating season raccoons have around 3 to 4 babies. A baby raccoon is called a ‘kit’.

Humans and raccoons have adapted to living together harmoniously. Take a look at this man for example, he has dedicated his life to joining the mammals.

In an effort to get you more accustomed to these fantastic animals. I have made a small infographic with some potentially true information.

So, I hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to raccoons. There is so much more to learn about and I highly recommend you conduct further research into them.

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