Quick Fire Round with Jacob McCarthy

The Circular had the wonderful chance to sit down with Irish Actor Jacob McCarthy in December while he was back in Dublin for Christmas. McCarthy took part in a short video round of rapid fire questions.

Born and raised in Ireland, McCarthy has always had the ambition to be an actor. “when I was five years old, I wrote myself a contract saying ‘you’re gonna be an actor’ which I still have on my wall.”

After finishing three years in LAMDA (the London academy of Music and dramatic Art.) he entered an Irish Green Card Lottery to get into the USA and he won. Jacob McCarthy packed his bags and headed to LA.

While home for Christmas in 2015 McCarthy read for the part of Christopher for an Irish Feature FilmThe Drummer and the Keeper’ and secured one of the two lead roles. The film had its premier in Dublin earlier this year as well as being screened at the Galway Film Festival

The Drummer and the Keeper was written and Directed by Dubliner Nick Kelly and is a film about the bond of friendship between Christopher and Gabriel. Christopher is a teenager with Aspergers Syndrome and Gabriel who is a drummer with bipolar disorder. The two strike up an unlikely friendship after a rocky start when they both have to participate in team sports. McCarthy played the role of Christopher with great insight and sensitivity.

McCarthy’s latest role is in an NBC comedy series called A.P.Bio, written by SNL’s Seth Myers and Mike O’Brien.

Watch the trailer for The Drummer & The Keeper below:

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