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Quarantine Tunes is now available via Facebook

Because everybody is having their leisure and working time at home now and we are all away from going back to music festivals and pubs here in Dublin as well, a Facebook group might be really useful for the ones who want to continue sharing the music and virtual concerts. What is very essential is that keeping the mental and physical health active and positive throughout these crazy times.

Being a part of Facebook group could be really useful as well as it can help you socialize with people around you or with the people whom you did not know before. There is now a Facebook group called Quarantine Tunes in which people are sharing their favorite tunes from the concerts.


What you need to do,
• Find your favorite performance or music piece on YouTube
• Share it here by copy-pasting the YouTube link
Let’s enjoy different tastes and celebrate diversity
Would you like to hear more about #Music? Let us know commenting on the section below! 


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