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Quarantine Playlists

Hey guys, so I’ve created a new group on Facebook called Playlists for Quarantine. It is basically a group for anyone to join. I will be posting different playlists on there for you all to listen to during different parts of your day. There will be workout playlists, cooking playlists, dance songs, songs to lift your mood, sad songs to fuel your sadness (admit it we all do that), songs to listen to when you go on a walk, songs to listen to when you are studying or working, sings to motivate you to study or work, songs to listen to when procrastinating, songs to listen to when you feel guilty about procrastinating and do nothing about it, etc. So yeah, you know the usual stuff. So if you are interested in coming in possession of the aforementioned playlists, come join the group.

The members of the group can share their own playlists as well, all are welcome. Just keep in mind that it is a loving and caring environment and so it would be greatly appreciated if there was no hateful/mean comments or even songs that can be demeaning to a few people. Keep everyone and mind and think before you post.

Stay Safe!

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