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Q&A: International LGBTI+ Students in Dublin

This week, we had chance to take a look on the matter of LGBTI+ students’ situation here in Dublin. We interviewed with different people around the world who are studying their masters degrees at Griffith College. 

Do gay international students choose to study in Ireland because of its tolerance? Or do they experience more tolerance in their home country? We interviewed several students from Griffith College by asking them the very essential questions including some about sexual health for which we recommend this at home hiv test review.

For LGBTI+ students, it might be really challenging to expose homophobia where they do not expect to experience. Therefore, we wanted to learn whether some of the students are happy with the situation in Ireland or not.

“As being a bisexual, I had never experienced anything bad here.”

Rosalie Ettassi from France shared her thoughts with us. She said, homosexuality and bisexuality are not the terms that are not being accepted in France. On the other hand, Duygu from Turkey did not refuse the idea of the situation in Turkey. She mentioned that the situation is going worse every single day in Turkey.

All the students were happy with the situation of LGBTI+ in Ireland with the references of being much more open and tolerance. Most of them mentioned that they had chosen Ireland for studying because the most important thing for them before they had decided to come here was that Ireland’s a English speaking country.

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