Putting a positive spin on a negative trend – The healthier alternatives to Neknominations

Neknominations encourage extreme binge drinking, Photo Credit, Adam Comerford (Flickr)

Neknominations are an online drinking game which originated in Australia before growing in popularity and spreading across the world.  The initial premise of the game involved drinking a pint or a shot for the camera and then uploading to social media nominating a friend to do the same within the next 24 hours.

Neknominations encourage extreme binge drinking, Photo Credit, Adam Comerford (Flickr)
Neknominations encourage extreme binge drinking, Photo Credit, Adam Comerford (Flickr)

However as the popularity of Neknominations grew so did the extremity involved, as users dared each other to take bigger and bigger risks. Latest videos have seen people swallowing goldfish, stripping in supermarkets and mixing ever more lethal combinations of alcohol.   In Ireland these increasingly dangerous dares resulted in two deaths in the last month.

A Carlow man Jonny Byrne aged 19, died after jumping into a river to complete his Neknomination and in Dublin 22 year old Ross Cummins died after his Neknomination which involved spirits.  Jonny’s brother Patrick Byrne called for an end to the trend, arguing that his brother had died because he felt he had to try and beat the competition.    The combination of the glorification and normalisation of binge drinking, peer pressure and the cyber bulling involved for those who break the chain have all played a role in the Neknomination deaths to date.

However many social media users have turned their back on Neknominations  uploading public rejections of their nominations and others have developed alternative inspiring nomination games to combat the popularity of dangerous Neknominations and attempt to turn something destructive into something more positive.

These positive new trends include:

#shrednomination – Whereby the nominees must take part in a physically demanding exercise.  TD Luke Ming Flanagan was one of several politicians who got involved in this trend uploading his own #shrednomination

 #RAKnominations –  Where people are nominated to carry out random acts of kindness.  Inspired by this trend the Student Network worked together to pull off an amazing random act of kindness gathering enough resources to feed 110 of Dublin’s homeless people & donate to the Capucian Centre – all in 24 hours


The #RAKnominations have continued to spread with companies like Slattery Communications taking their nomination seriously and doing their part to spread good deeds, handing out umbrellas to soaked commuters during the recent bad weather

#nekdonate – Involves donating to charity and then nominating more friend to make their own donations. Some have even donated blood as part of their #nekdonate


What are your thoughts about the Neknomination trend and have you any other alternative versions like the above to share with other Circular readers?






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