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Public Sphere and the Power of Mass Media

The French Salon - The Bourgeois Public Sphere.
The French Salon -The Bourgeois Public Sphere. credits

The “public sphere” is generally conceived as the social space in which different opinions are expressed, problems of general concern are discussed, and collective solutions are developed communicatively.

The public sphere is very much associated with the mass media in the modern day. The modern social life of the human beings is divided in some forms. These divisions are made on some qualities of life that are led by the modern-day people.

The first segment division is private life versus public life and secondly, it is system-integrated life versus socially-integrated life. The economy that is driven by core capitalism sees material production as its only target.

An economy is considered to be the part of the private domain where the stately affairs are of the public domain. Some of the socially-integrated approaches include the socialization of the human beings, transmitting the various cultures and other things. There have been great worries about the ways the public service ethos has been destroyed by numerous ways. This has been replaced by the market model which is the dominating factor in the recent times. The communication and information technologies have grown in a widespread way. The mass media has to be democratic in order to reflect the expressions and opinions of all sections of the society.

The relationship between media, power and public has been one of the most interesting aspects of discussing this topic. These things are completely interwoven, and one thing depends on another. The forum would be beneficial for the ordinary people because this forum would have consisted of the idea of ‘publicness’. It is to say that the ordinary people must be aware of all the things that are happening every day. The political ups and downs should be considered as the elementary things in the daily activities of the ordinary people.

The mass media system has been operating in the mixed economy system. This comprises the civic, market and the public sectors. In the modern days, media is so powerful that It has been seen that the political parties want the attention of the common people by their strategies including the mass media and social media in their agendas. Nowadays, they are keener on using the social media platforms to attract the attention of the people.

The political parties have been launching certain mobile applications that can be downloaded from the mobile phones. They want to keep in touch with their followers all the time and they want to build up new supporters as well. The various social media platforms like the Facebook, Linkedin and other platforms. This will help them to build up a good reputation among the followers.

They want to connect with the charity groups, special-interest groups and other parties that should help them to gather a greater following indeed. They can generate the public opinion from being present in the online forums. Apart from the traditional forums, these online forums will be beneficial for them in many senses as well. These political leaders will be able to express their opinions in many ways about all the events happening all around.

The political parties belong to the public sphere and their attempt is to motivate the common people by manipulating means to their ends. If they succeed in this, they will continuously need the feedbacks for their efforts. The states will be largely benefitted from these steps since the ordinary people want proper service from the end of the political parties.

The political parties and their leaders need to have a good view of the ways their support can be increased. The political leaders are in favour of taking the help of the new technologies that are emerging so fast. The political parties can promote their campaigns through the social media platforms.

Media has a huge role in the successful promotions of these political parties. Whether it is the political parties or the social organizations, both the traditional media and mass media will be very active to spread their messages among the ordinary people. The powerful people with strong political resources can do the basic good for the society in many ways. They can exchange their ideas and opinions with the ordinary people, so something better can be derived.

The democracy of the social media should always be there because they can work being neutral only if they are allowed to do these things. The social media platforms are very powerful platforms by which every person can share their thoughts about something. All the events should be dealt with a neutral frame of mind. These things are very beneficial because the social media platforms will very seriously spread these messages across the target audience of the concerned parties.

Their democratic rights should always be secured. The thoughts and opinions of the social media should be given special attention since they have some serious opinions in these cases. The press media, electric media and social media should work together in bringing the true stories of the society forward. This will assess the worth of the political parties in the modern times. However, these things will remain of very little importance if they are not able to act properly.

The public sphere has to be truly represented so that the common people can be aware of what is going on in their surroundings. All the groups in the society should be pro-active in depicting the truth of the world and the society in a way that media democracy can be perfectly celebrated. The society has to be made corruption free and this is quite impossible without the help of neutral, secular and unbiased democratic media.

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