Pros and cons: the tales of online shopping

Online Shopping (Photo Credits: Flickr / Robbert Noordzij)
Online Shopping (Photo Credits: Flickr / Robbert Noordzij)

Although the internet brought many facilitators for shopping goods, clothes, accessories and food, for example, some websites and purchases are just not helpful. What should be a relief just become a bigger headache for many consumers. Just to list, some of the issues are late delivery, outrageous taxes, confiscation, different prices, broken products, wrong invoices and problems to return the merchandising.

The convenience of buying and not leaving home is the first thing a customer will think when buying something from a chosen website. Even more important than one time shop, is the experience that will be shared with other people that can also develop an aversion with them. Many pools and researches shows that, sometimes, almost half of online shoppers are unhappy with their shopping choice and the seller company’s behaviour. In times when social media spreads the news faster than ever, brands should always be aware of mistakes and try to fix an issue as soon as possible.

Online Shopping (Photo Credits: Flickr / Robbert Noordzij)
Online Shopping (Photo Credits: Flickr /
Robbert Noordzij)

According to many consumers, shopping from the big ones as Amazon, E-bay and others can become a really nightmare.

It is not every brand that behaves the same. Some are very helpful and try their best to make the costumer feel comfortable with an annoying situation and do not give up of the shop. However, if the faced situation is not the friendliest in the world, the shopper must know their rights in the moment they are buying. Things must be clear all the time and the brand policies have to be handy to the visitors. Even though the consumer feel injured for any problems with the purchase, regulations as DSR – Distance Selling Regulations offers extra protection to them.

Another thing that consumers should be aware is the trustiness of a brand. It is always better to check with close people, such as family or friends, if they know something about certain website. Do not believe in big sales and weird questions when buying. It is not because it shows a security environment to give your bank details that you should do just because.

For the online sellers is always important to remember to be honest with your public. If a problem shows up, reply at the same moment. Ask your departments (delivery, legal, financial, etc.) to give a proper answer to your customer. If the claim comes by social media, position yourself as soon as possible. This kinds of complaint turns to be huge in the digital era.

The brand’s team should be the best prepared ever. When a consumer calls, he does not like to be put in hold and get confusing explanations. Act nice and always be ready and organised enough to solve online problems. This way is the best to both, brand and customer, have the great experience of shopping online and enjoy the convenience of it.

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