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Producer Makes Sick Beats From Birds’ Tweets

Photo by Ahmed Badawy on Unsplash

A Unique approach to music engineering has a bird-loving producer going Viral!

New York-based producer and TIKTOK Sensation SO WYLIE has turned the volume up on a wildlife-inspired new genre in her new series of bird beats on TikTok.


PART 2: BARRED OWL. I just want the birders to have a good day y’all. What bird call should I do next? #birding #wildlife #producer #remix

♬ So Wylie Barred Owl Bird Beat – So Wylie

Her first foray into feathered funk stemmed from an owl screach she first heard online.

“I was like, this is kind of fire!” she says. “I immediately decided I was going to make a beat with it. I made it that afternoon.” 

She composed a minute-long beat and posted a video of it on TikTok, thinking of it as a fun one-off project.

But the online response was so enthusiastic that Wylie has kept at it.

“It just blew up. And I realized, oh, I should make more of these because this is really fun. It’s just been really amazing and like a huge source of joy for me”.

Now fans are flocking to hear her wild tunes.

Many of the birds Wylie has sampled so far have been owls, including the Eastern Screech-OwlBoreal Owl, and Barn Owl.

She’s also been fielding suggestions from listeners.

“The Eastern Whip-poor-will hive is very strong,”  Wylie says, “Also the Canyon Wren. A lot of people have been very excited about that one. There are so many birds that this could technically keep going forever, so I’m just choosing whichever comes next.”

When she’s not working on her bird beats, So Wylie produces music for recording artists, podcasts, filmmakers and more.

Head to her TikTok to hear more.

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