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Pro-Gamer: A child’s dream job

Photo Credit: Marco Verch

Back in the day, people use to spend half of their life studying in order to get a degree that helps you have a professional career in the field you find an opportunity.

However, nowadays the process is different and due to technology and globalisation jobs are becoming more and more diverse. It can be in something you are passionate about or a hobby you started as a kid.

Pro gamers, are young professional video games players that might have the most fascinating and cushiest job in the world. They can work in their pants, at their own house and sometimes even in bed.

Photo Credit: Marco Verch


Still, professional e-sports organisations require uncommon discipline and perseverance. Practice can go from 12 to 14 hours a day and it includes a lot of strategies and teamwork.

In an interview for the Circular, Diego Rocher, a 22 year Mexican old professional Gears of War player said, “I used to stream, play and record almost every day. Approximately 8 hours. As a result, Splyce, a professional e-sports organisation, called me to be the fifth member of their Latin team. Two months later I was heading to Columbus, Ohio to play my first international event”.

This profession has allowed Diego to travel around the world in places such as the USA, London and in his own country. The prize pool for the season reaches $2 million dollars that are divided among seven events where any team can win $ 350 thousand per event.

I used to stream, play and record almost every day. Approximately 8 hours.

The average age for becoming a “Pro” is around 17 years-old. There are not many active pro-gamers around 25 years-old, and their option is to retire with quite a lot of money at such a young age. They might keep studying and staying in the e-sport industry or not.

According to Mr Rocher, he does not see himself as a long time professional player. However, in the future, he hopes to stay in the e-sports field as a community manager for Latin America attempting to create better financial support, that is already in place in Europe, USA and Asia.

As an example, one of the best players in League of Legends is Faker. He has won the League of Legends World Championships three times, countless titles and has become one of the most profitable players. With sponsorship opportunities, revenue streams and tournament earnings. And only counting the last one, it is estimated that he has won $1,169,713 dollars overall from tournaments as of April 24, 2017.

Here is a video of the 2017 World Championships,  to understand the immensity, passion and excitement of this international e-sport world.


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