Priests and residents share Christmas traditions in Ireland

Christmas is a time of joyous celebration of the Christ baby Jesus. It is a family celebration. Christians all over the world mark the birthday of Jesus on 25th December every year.

The circular heard from Irish priests and residents about how they celebrate Christmas and the traditions in Ireland.

According to them, “it is a time families get together and enjoy special meals and drinks and meat. It also comes with the holiday.  It is a period of rest from the yearlong activities and ends with the New Year celebration”.[email protected]/44002386850/in/photolist-2a3kJAf-uTY8T-4dFHLp-dwRV8w-tdbnFh-QpHd2C-DbE7Dr-QmahbB-95357s-Q8JgD2-qnrhrF-DftQoN-96x4AC-2aXgcyW-dJViDJ-in8ZyX-QjDRoK-2dhodZu-22Qc9vM-4eD68t-rHkWMc-yEVF-5676Rw-7qwHFs-4eUwna-233qF4y-233qgdh-233qFy1-dDKKPc-7WDKW-4dFHMK-2368Y8P-21KvXVx-96TnoM-dDKL5H-EXvRR9-8v8bj-4dKKZ7-233qmYW-aWNvti-4dFHM4-DrrsSD-J9rbgB-J9rahx-J9r6JF-EXufq1-J9r3DH-J9qXYv-221xQ6E-7LQ29

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