Petra P.: Presumed dead woman is still alive

(Icon Image) Woman in a tunnel - Photo Credit Blondinrikard Fröberg (Flickr)
(Icon Image) Woman in a tunnel - Photo Credit Blondinrikard Fröberg (Flickr)

In July 1984 Petra P. disappeared in Germany . In 1989 her parents pronounced her dead. From there she was officially dead for 31 years. But she lived a normal life. Two weeks ago she called the police – because of a burglary. This was reported by the German newspaper “BILD” today.

Back in the year of the possible crime, Petra P. was 24 and she studied in the German city Brunswick. On an afternoon in July 1984 she went to her dentist. After leaving the surgery she called a friend and told him that she will take the bus to Wolfsburg to visit her parents. She would never arrive there.

During the first days after her disappearance the police suspects a murder, because of a similar case at the same bus stop, where Petra P. usually takes the bus. One year before in 1983, a 14 year old girl has been killed there. After a couple of months of investigation a apprentice carpenter was caught by the German police and he confesses that he has killed her. But he withdrew his statement.

Some months before, in January 1985 , the case was shown on the German TV-Show ”Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst”. In this show the German police presents unsolved cases and tries go get hints from the public. Here is the original-video:

Two weeks ago, somebody called the police because of a burglary in the house in Dusseldorf where she lives today. When the police arrived there, she told her story. To proof that it is not fictional, she mentioned details, that only Petra P. could know. But what exactly happened during the 31 years, when she lived submerged? She worked with her new identity and she lived a normal life. It is not clear how she exactly did this, because she escaped the bureaucracy. Petra P. lived without having a valid ID.

Today she does not want to connect to her parents again and a police spokesperson said that she lives in retirement. Due to this, her story will be her secret. The local newspaper of Brunswick “Braunschweiger Zeitung” revealed today that she planed her new life before her disappearance. The only thing that is sure: Disappearance is not a crime.

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