Is a Press Relations interesting for journalism students ?

Credit : Alex Le Moal

After some communication and journalism studies, Press Relations is a business sector privileged by students. Press Relations clusters a set of communication practices carried out towards media,  journalists, and in the modern Internet era, “bloggers”. PR and e-PR aim to ensure to its client’s positive media coverage via various tools.

Credit : Alex Le Moal

I’ve met with a former Dublin Griffith College student, Alex Le Moal, owner of a Master in Media Management, which gave me some insights to his missions in PR internships. He’s currently doing the end-of-studies internship within the communication consultancy Hopscotch group, French leader of Press Relations. More specifically, he’s employed by the agency: Public Système PR, specialised in Hopscotch public relations and press relations.

As an intern, he has several missions to work on:

  • Press release to announce newness in terms of products and/or services, changes or strengthening strategic positioning.
  • Press documentation, gathering relevant pieces of information on the product. “It has to be factual, presented with care and order”. “Media can use all this global information about the company, the product or service put forward by the media relation leader”.
  • “Press journey”, where the goal is to increase awareness concerning the product put forward.
  • Interviews, which represents “complete and relevant press mentions. It’s a difficult task needing to be done in attendance of media relation leader, who coordinates and ensures smooth execution”.
  • Press conference for the more important project, needing a greater press coverage.

The agency in which he works is also in charge of press relations with others specialised clients in these sectors: high-tech companies, ready to wear industry, culture, the audiovisual sector and tourism. This RP and e-PR firm employ 20 people, which provides interns great autonomy and opportunities to take, by growing his address book through the various contacts made with partners, and journalists.

Credit : Jesús Corrius (Flickr)

Alex takes care of three main clients: a hotel global leader, in the luxury sector; a thalassotherapy group, and a top range hotel in Barcelona. This represents a great opportunity for interns considering that social skills are primordial in this sector. “An address book built with time is also an essential tool to ensure company media coverage”. Also, for PR interns, it’s an important tool to gain in experience, and thanks to new contacts to create new opportunities, even besides PR regular jobs.

Moreover, M. Le Moal shared with me, what was the missions or characteristics he considers to be the main important concerning his professional experience, and also the main issues he faced in this sector.

What he enjoys the best: 

  • Relational contact with partners, service providers, journalists and bloggers.
  • Establishing new strategies for the company clients: new creative events proposition, for purposes of creating “buzz” or drawing attention towards the products.
  • Editorial aspect: creating new content promoting company features to become appealing to potential clients.
  • Press mentions ensuring positive feedback offer him to gain satisfaction and self-confidence of a well-done job.

What main issues did he face?

  • Pressure coming from clients in terms of budgeting or changes in the strategic angle.
  • Finding available and concerned journalists (in terms of editorial calendar) to consider a particular subject
  • Company strategic organisation: the profession requests rigour and discipline from one client to another one. “Every client has its own request, and it’s important to be fully available for each one”.

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