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President Zelensky a Hero or Bait ?

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With the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, most persons have seemed to describe the Ukrainian president as a real hero for standing up against President Putin and his Russian forces. The Russia-Ukrainian crisis has been going on for a while now but became a full-blown military war in March 2020 when Russian forces invaded the Crimean territory in Ukraine.

I do not think the actions of president Zelensky were prudent, as one of the agreements between East and Western blocs after world war two was not to step an inch further into Eastern Europe, where Russia acts as a big brother.

With the Ukraine state being part of NATO, Puttin saw this as an offence and means for the western bloc to advance further to Eastern Europe.

I think President Zelensky’s actions are comparable to that of a “baby politician” who is uninformed about how the international political system works. Russia and America are both superpowers. Zelensky’s intentions of being part of NATO implies a potential attack from Russia, which will follow a counterattack by NATO on Russia. NATO is mandated to protect its members from external aggressors.

The Russia-Ukraine war has led to the death of the Ukrainian population. According to the United Nations, over 13 thousand fatalities have been recorded, with the West still not taking any Military actions against Russia, leaving Ukraine to fight alone. For sure, the armed forces of Ukraine cannot defeat Russia.

Photo by Matti for www.pexels.coma-kid-protesting-against-the-war-in-ukraine

I see president Zelensky as bait for the West to test the patience of Putin on how he would react, and president Zelensky fell for it.

A True hero does that which is right and politically Expedient to protect his people and the territorial integrity of his region. But unfortunately, Zelensky failed to observe the international political landscape and placed much trust in the West.
However, logically speaking, the West will never be willing to go into a military war with Russia because it definitely will lead to a world war three that the whole world can’t afford to have.

With all this being at stake, what else do you think are other factors that shaped Zelensky’s actions that I might not be aware of or highlighted in this article.

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