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Portobello Plaza to remain closed until June 11th

Portobello Plaza by Lucy Chamberlaine

The Plaza has been cordoned off since May 15th due to the large numbers of people gathering there in recent weeks.

Portobello Plaza in Dublin will remain closed until June 11th, following a decision made by Dublin City Council last week.

Following a spate of good weather, and despite restrictions on outdoor gatherings and public consumption of alcohol, thousands of people have been congregating along the Grand Canal in Portobello in recent weeks, following months of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The decision to close off the area was made in conjunction with the Dublin CIty Council, An Garda Siochana, public representatives and local residents.

Local residents have been appealing to Dublin City Council to intervene for some time, due to an increase in noise complaints, littering, public urination and other anti-social behaviour.

However, not everyone is in agreement with the decision. Local Labour senator, Ivana Bacik, for example, has called for a more “long-term plan for the area”, which should include “adequate provision of dustbins, public toilets and seating areas, along with close monitoring of the space and effective policing of the area”

A similar decision was made this week by the Galway City Council to close off the Middle Arch in Galway City centre due to recent outdoor gatherings taking place there. 

Yesterday, Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan tweeted his disappointment over the number of large gatherings taking place throughout Dublin City Centre, likening it to a “major open air party”.

Restaurants, bars and cafes will be permitted to reopen to the public on June 7th, although for outdoor service only. Full service is expected to return in July. 

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