Poll; anti-homeless methods

Dublin Ink christmas - credit: Dublin Ink, Facebook
Dublin Ink christmas - credit: Dublin Ink, Facebook

Since the controversy surrounding Dublin Ink regarding their anti-homeless sprinklers hit last night, the matter has been drawn into the public sphere and become a hot topic of debate on Facebook.

Newstalk has delved further into this and provided us with a list of other business that are using anti-homeless devices.

Many business owners involved have claimed that these methods are a last resort to a growing problem where needles, blood,  and feces have been left behind by the squatters outside their place of work.

Dublin Ink has since shared horrendous images of the waste left on their property by homeless/drug users.

We have to ask how long has this been going on? is this news to you? where do you stand on this issue?

Take our poll and let us know.

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