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Podcast: Can women have it all?

Can women have it all? This is a long discussed and debated topic. Is it possible for women to find a perfect balance in having a career and a family? Or does one have to be sacrificed to achieve the other?

In 2011, Anne Marie Slaughter wrote an article entitled ‘Why women still can’t have it all’. Since then her view on this topic has been widely discussed and she has even done a Ted Talk regarding her view the topic.

The Circular decided to see how the young women of 2019 feel about the question of ‘having it all’.

The below documentary asks six young women their opinion on the topic. Two important questions are put to these six women.

  1. What does having it all mean to you? – Having it all does not have to be limited to balancing a career and family life and these six women give interesting interpretations on the phrase.
  2. Do you think women can have it all in regards to having a successful career and a family? – These girls tell us if they believe women can achieve success in both family and working life.

Listen below to hear the opinions of these six young women on the topic of ‘having it all’.

What’s your view on this topic? Do you think women can have it all?

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