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PLACES TO VISIT IN IRELAND : Hidden but not so hidden gems


Ireland is an extremely beautiful country, with its rich sceneries and beautiful landscapes. Even the ruined castles and empty woods carry stories in them that leave you in awe. These are some places in Ireland to visit if you are touring the country or just looking for places to visit as a resident of Ireland.

Moore Abbey Woods: In the heart of the country, in a beautiful county called Kildare. There’s a forest with a cafe in it, Moore abbey woods. This place is surrounded by trees and walk parts for hiking enthusiasts and if you love treats well this is one for you. To visit Moore Abbey woods , prepare your jackets because it gets really cold and don’t forget your air pods because at some point you might just want to relax and get lost in the tranquility of the forest.

Tintern Abbey: Did you like Game of Thrones or Vikings? Well, this one is for you, in the woods and history you’d find calm. This place is a Cistern monastery founded in the 13th century, beatified with stone carving and the ruins of time. Follow the trail to adventure as you explore this mesmerizing place in county of Wexford. There’s a coffee truck that makes an amazing croissants and hot chocolate so you do not only get to experience beauty but taste, a taste of serenity and marshmallows.,b2878&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAAXXW8yD1TdYBZGirhg-HILeUjiUKKhv9AzaoKqLb8L4UtfwxNCFvsgQWj5oelnwR0&utm_source=copy&social_share_type=0&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=ios&tt_from=copy&user_id=6713940413290136581&enable_checksum=1&share_link_id=1E707C3E-7F5C-4DAB-A6AE-47FA27189D3F&share_app_id=1233

Bray beach : The smell of the ocean, the sound of sea gulls, the noise of the city far away from you. Bray Beach is the place to visit to just breathe, to let go and relax. Embrace the beauty of the Irish coastline, the sea offers tranquility and strolls. Picnics and even a refreshing dip on a sunny day. Opposite the beach is a game place, to relax and win tiny bears from machines. It’s a romantic place for date nights and leisure.

Poulanass waterfall: Hidden amongst the beautiful landscapes of Glendalough, Poulanass waterfall is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The water drips down the rocky cliff, creating a beautiful sight to behold. When visiting, go with your good sneakers and a lot of water as the climb might be exhausting but the view is definitely worth it.

George’s Arcade Street Market: Visit Dublin’s vibrant cultural scene, at George’s Arcade Market. With different stalls displaying their various wares, located in the heart of the city. This place gives a variety of treasures from an African store with leather print bags and hand fans to the crystal shop for spiritual people, and bookstores with old vintage books. It is a proper place to end your trip as you can get souvenirs to carry home with you, this market is a beautiful way to spend your evening as it connects into the city.

Ireland offers so many hidden gems, and if are a travel enthusiast this list is a great one to start with when exploring Ireland. So pack your camera and your smile, as you enjoy the magic Ireland has to offer.

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