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Places to visit in Dublin during Spring

Howth 2020. Photo by Felipe Canto

After months of bitterly cold weather, intense lockdown measures due to Covid-19 and shorter days, the northern hemisphere is rewarded by the spring with the change of colours from plants and trees allowing people going outside to enjoy some picnics at parks, barbecues and to visit new places, which is gorgeous during this season. For this reason, here are some interesting places to visit during spring in Dublin this year.

National Botanical Garden

Founded in 1795 granted funds to the Royal Dublin Society with the active support of John Foster, the Botanical Garden is based in Glasnevin, Dublin 11. The place is surrounded by different types of flowers and plants around the world as well as few animals such as squirrels, ducks and swans around the area. During spring, the rose garden is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the garden. You don’t need to pay any fee to visit the place. 

Killiney Hill Park

Based near Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey, The Killiney Hill Park was opened in 1887 in honour of Queens Victoria’s fifty years on the thrones. The hill has 153 meters and guarantees a rewarding view to Killiney Beach and a great spot to take pictures with friends such as The Obelisk and The Pyramid of Dublin. It worth a try during a sunny day on the weekends.


Derived from the Old Norse language, Howth was colonised by Norse Vikings around 1014 to build the settlement of Dublin as a strategic base between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. On a sunny day, it is really good to walk around the Pier and at the end grab some Fish and Chips or ice cream due to the many stores available. Another option would be the Cliff Walk or if you are brave, it’s recommended some dip at Balscadden Bay Beach, which is a hidden gem in Howth.

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